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Transglobal Technical Parts & Services (TTPS) is a complete -service provider to Power and Oil & Gas Industries. The American-based company offers spare parts and services to power producers and independent service providers worldwide.

TTPS is a pioneer in supplying non-OEM replacement parts for General Electric, Westinghouse, Siemens, ABB, and Fiat gas Turbines.

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If you can design one thing you can design everything. Just believe it.

- Kathy Reyes -

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Today our product quality, low pricing, impeccable service, short delivery time, has established TTPS INC. as a market leader. TTPS® has successfully supplied replacement parts to more than 100 customers


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With our reputation spreading quickly through referrals and word of mouth, Transglobal Technical Parts & Services (TTPS) Corporation matured into an important OEM & Non-OEM Manufacturers to represents this resulting in excellent relationships with clients worldwide


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We are a creative solution provider in fuel Additive, chemicals, equipment’s, and parts. TTPS focusing on culture, indulgence, customer & Growth. Somewhere between sophistication and simplicity. TTPS is working every day to stay ahead of client and product needs, anticipating for future growth.

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Congratulations to all of us for making history! You have been successful in bringing back High-quality Magnesium Sulphonate Fuel Additive, who are the pioneers in developing Gas Turbine Fuel Additive in 1980’s, pure Magnesium Sulphonate having superior performance to combat corrosion and improve efficiency duly approved by various OEM’s, whose product was used in worldwide Power Plants for many years

Saudi Energy Customer

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I have been working in the power plants for 28 years and depend heavily on my vendors, especially in a pinch. When it comes to parts needed for heavy industrial turbines, TTPS is the first call I make. They are a very knowledgeable resource in the heavy industrial turbine industry especially when it comes to turbine parts and services.

Power Plant Manager


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TTPS has been a preferred supplier of our plant for past 3 years. They are always quick with a response to any questions and will take the time to connect me to the manufacturers and service providers if needed. I trust in their expert experience and recommend them for any repairs or supplies. I feel they only sell equipment they and their customers can count on.

South American Power Plant


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TTPS do this through their deep understanding of equipment and engineering, product aging, quality control and price models. With a combined total of nearly 20 years of experience, consulting and procurement with TTPS should confidently set you on a course that touches all your major requirements– knowledgeable power plants & turbine experts, quality turbine parts, timely delivery and affordable product pricing, to name a few.

Power Plant Service Company


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Transglobal Technical Parts & Services (TTPS) is a complete-service provider for Power and Oil & Gas Industries. The American-based company offers to power producers-independent services and spare parts for customers worldwide.

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