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  • Gas Turbine Additive
  • Boiler Additive
    • Magnesium Sulfonate
    • Magnesium oxide
    • Magnesium hydroxide

Gas Turbine Additive - Vanadium Inhibitor

A process built to perform.

Fuel Additives is used in crude and heavy fuel oil to control high temperature corrosion and ash fouling of gas turbine hot section components Our Magnesium Sulphonate fully complying to OEM specification requirement for Gas Turbines. Our Fuel Additive suitable for all kinds of Gas Turbines, including but not limited to GE, ABB, ALSTOM, WESTINGHOUSE, FIAT and SIEMENS. Low-quality fuels can evidently be damaging for gas turbines. Crude and heavy oils with high concentrations of ash and corrosives like vanadium can lead to considerable encrustation and fouling. This results in massive, damaging corrosion on the turbine. Our fuel additives protect against corrosion and encrustation and prevent vanadium build-up as well as deposit in the turbine. This results in significantly improved gas turbine performance and efficiency. How we perform from day one of a project ultimately dictates how our Fuel Additive perform for our customers out in the field. That’s why every step of our process is held to the industry’s highest level of quality – from expert design and skillful manufacturing to rigorous testing and follow-up service. In fact, our standards are even higher. It’s your business and our name on the line, so you can count on it.


Whatever your needs may be, we work hard to find the best Fuel Additive to meet and exceed them. This gives us a better sense of your business and goals. And it gives you a greater sense of ownership. That’s a win-win.


Our highly experienced PhD’s, Chemist and trained workforce breathes life into your Fuel Additive requirements, the leading technology and manufacturing processes are applied to every project we undertake, Which is why steps are taken at every stage to ensure critical milestones are properly being met – from manufacturing facilities to incoming raw materials to final product. You should expect nothing less. We certainly don’t.


What’s possible? That’s what our Product Development team asks at every turn. This approach guarantees we’re bringing to market only the most innovative and environmentally efficient products. The result? A product that’s performing to its highest potential. And the constant evolution of turbine performance – brought to you by the leaders in the Fuel Additive industry.

Boiler Additive

Improved efficiency and reduced slagging and corrosion through TTPS chemical injection into boiler or furnace, provides a simple, flexible and cost-effective solution to problems arising from the combustion of turbines.

Our method is injecting additive directly on the pre-combustion or directly into the combustion chamber or the flue gas stream (post-combustion) to produce chemical reactions to oxidize, neutralize and convert residues from combustion which would otherwise increase fouling, corrosion and air pollution.

Reducing fouling, slagging and corrosion will increase the thermal efficiency of the boiler or the furnace, and as a result will reduce fuel consumption, save energy, and reduce pollution. Traditional treatments of dry MgO additive—while effective—contain over 100 times more product than TTPS additives, and therefore, cause significant amount of ash build up. With 600 grams of nanoparticles, TTPS treats more vanadium in heavy fuel than 60 kilos of traditional MgO products.

As an example, in a typical three month operating period for one single engine or boiler consuming a million gallons of fuel oil a month, traditional magnesium oxide additives alone will generate a metric ton of toxic, acid ash in the exhaust system which literally chokes the exhaust and often requires bull dozers and a fleet of trucks with which to dispose of the resulting ash. In contrast, using TTPS additives blend of MgO nanoparticles, for the same amount of fuel, only 9 kilograms (about 20 pounds) of neutral ash will be generated.


  • Saves energy (less fuel consumption, estimated by 3-10%)
  • Better fuel efficiency without corrosion
  • Reduced cost of soot blowing
  • Greater output and availability of plant
  • Reduced cost of cleaning and maintenance
  • Dry-cleaning instead of water-washing
  • Less damage to brickwork
  • Safer and better working conditions
  • Less pollution

Two levels of treatment need to be considered:

  • “clean-up” treatment
  • “keep clean” treatment

The “clean up” dosage is applicable for treatment of a dirty system.

The requirement of additive is computed as per requirements.

Combustion Catalysts

combustion catalysts improve combustion efficiency, provide fuel savings, and reduce emissions resulting from heavy fuel oil and Diesel fuel combustion (including ash, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, NOx, sulfur dioxide, and unburned hydrocarbons. The catalysts work effectively on a range of fuels used in Gas Turbine and Boilers. Better combustion provides secondary benefits such as overall improved equipment performance, extended equipment life, and a reduction in operating and maintenance costs.

Our Combustion Catalyst is a synthetic fuel additive formulated with oxygenating and detergent chemicals. It contains Nano- particles of MgO that are safe for internal combustion engines, boilers and furnaces.

Our Catalyst that blend with any fuel. Formulated to reduce harmful emissions by 20%–55% and to increase fuel efficiency by 3%–8%, the savings generated from improved combustion are greater than the fuel additive costs, so “it pays to go green.”

The catalyst is injected in very small doses,


Suggested dosage ratio of catalyst is:
Maximum: One gallon of additive for 1,000 gallons of fuel.
Minimum: One gallon of additive for 2,000 gallons of fuel.
(1:1000 to 1:2000)

Average Emission Reduction:

PM (Hydrocarbons) 40%– 90%
NOx 10%– 20%
CO 20%– 40%


WATER WASH- Water Wash Chemical- Off -line & On-Line

Penetone 19 is a liquid cleaner specifically formulated to remove corrosive deposits and efficiency limiting build-up from turbine compressor blades. Penetone 19RTU effectively removes atmospheric deposits, salts, light oils, hydraulic fluids and cooling oils that typically attach themselves to compressor blades. Penetone 19RTU will normally increase turbine efficiency by removing soils and deposits that accumulate on the compressor. Higher efficiency translates into reduced operating costs. Regular cleaning with Penetone 19 RTU will also decrease the risk of sulfidation attack. Penetone 19 is approved by leading gas turbine manufacturers.

  • Guards against Sulfidation attacks
  • Keep compressor airfoil free of contamination
  • Reduce corrosion of compressor blades, stators and discs.

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