Water & Wastewater Treatment

Keep your facility running optimally with the proper, custom-engineered industrial water treatment system.

If there is one part of the process you can focus on to immediately see results, it’s the proper treatment of your process water. Without the right integration of process water treatment and purification technologies, you risk scaling on pipes and the fouling of expensive equipment, increased organic growth, high total dissolved solids, and a host of other problems that affect the quality of your product and service life of your equipment.

Power generation technologies continue to rapidly develop and at the same time environmental controls tighten within the sector. The latest high-pressure boilers require higher quality water and trends toward zero-liquid discharge increase the need for water reuse. With over 15 years of experience and innovation in power plant water treatment, we have the solutions to meet these demands.

Power generation requires large quantities of water, from boiler feed water, cooling water to condensers, bearing cooling, to pollutant scrubbing water. Recent legislation mandated a change from well water to river water. We can be your solution provider for all of your power plant water treatment needs. Beyond innovative water treatment equipment, We can provide entire turnkey systems including supervisory control, data acquisition, remote data monitoring, as well as complete design,

Boiler Feedwater

When addressing water treatment for power generation, boilers require the highest quality water in the power plant. Allowing impurities to enter the boiler system can result in loss of heat efficiency, increased fuel consumption, condensate corrosion and reduced productivity. Our partner’s Closed-Circuit Reverse Osmosis systems reliably remove water impurities, guaranteeing consistent and highly efficient operation.

Cooling Water Treatment

The cooling cycle is the largest consumer of water in the power plant. Efficient cooling water treatment is critical for ensuring maximum productivity and continuous operation. With greater scaling resistance and adaptability to varying feed water, our partner’s Closed-Circuit Reverse Osmosis systems purify water at unparalleled levels of efficiency and reliability.

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