TTPS and partner companies were founded by OEM’s retirees, who are experts in Gas turbines, steam turbines, aero-derivative, heavy-duty gas turbines (combustion, performance, hot gas path, accessories) generators, compressors, power plant design, etc. We are not limited to the General Electric design and can handle Siemens, Alstom, Solar designs, and other OEMs. Besides, we offer expert field service personnel for power plants.

The engineering staff of TTPS has extensive experience providing engineering supports to customers with older installed gas turbines. Heavy-duty gas turbines usually live much longer than original design intent. Customers need frequent changes over time due to regulatory constraints, fuel cost, power & efficiency needs, HGP parts cost, and need to keep the existing plant in operation far longer than originally intended. Thus, the TTPS partner groups have collected a large group of very experienced engineers to help customers with all their needs to study and implement any required changes.

TTPS Alliances

TTPS works with specialized researchers, consultants and faculty members from research laboratories, companies and universities around the United States and the world. If you are interested in becoming a client of TTPS, please Contact us.


A Brief Listing Of Experience:

Gas Turbine Uprates (Increased Power)

Defined and directed uprates in output and efficiency for many gas turbines. Some examples include:

  • 15% uprates for 11 MS7001E units.
  • 50% uprates for 14 MS5001R units.
  • 16% uprates for 9 MS7001B units.
  • 20% uprates for 13 MS5002B units.
  • 8% uprates for 12 MS3002J units.

TTPS Offers:

  • Power Generation Uprates (including plant optimization, simple cycle to combined cycle plant upgrades).
  • Uprate evaluations for pipelines (not limited to gas turbine; full pipeline system evaluation).
  • Fuel evaluations (including checking for heavies in the fuel, gas turbine ingestion and the impact, etc.).
  • Options to improve emissions.
  • Availably/reliability improvements.
  • Life-cycle evaluations.
  • Owners representative for vendors, regulatory agencies, permitting, and more.
  • Operation and maintenance support for existing power plants.
  • Repairs and maintenance options.
  • Cost estimating for uprates/upgrades for existing power plants.


Fuel conversions

Defined and directed over 100 fuel conversions including adding gas fuel to distillate fuel units and adding heavy fuel (crude and residual) to distillate fuel units.

Emissions control

Added emissions controls to older units that had shipped without emissions controls, and/or had shipped with water injection, and subsequently converted to Dry Low Nox.

Life Extension Studies

Recommended upgrades to older units with over 300,000 fired hours, so they could continue to operate for an additional 200,000 hours.

Hot Gas Path Parts Supersedure And Interchangeability

Frequently the OEM’s change drawing numbers of the major gas path parts to incorporate new design features. This causes considerable confusion for existing customers, especially ones with large fleets, to know which Hot Gas Path parts can be interchanged between different units. a significant amount of support has been provided to customers with both interchangeability and supersedure issues.

Combined Cycle Conversions

Due to increased need for efficiency on existing simple cycle gas turbine plants, many customers have added HRSG’s and a steam turbine/generator set, to convert to combined cycle.

Plant Optimization Studies

Many customers with older existing gas turbine power plants have ask for optimization studies, to improve overall plant efficiency.

Plant Assessment studies

Many customers do not have robust operating and maintenance procedures, and thus suffer from lower overall reliability and availability. To address these issues, customers frequently ask for a third party to do an audit/assessment of their plant, to help develop better operating and maintenance procedures.

Refurbished Gas Turbine Power Plants

Many customers have de-activated their gas turbine power plants, due to changes in their operating profiles. Many of these plants have been relocated to third world countries.


GE: Frame 6B, 7B, 7E/EA, 7FA, and 9E

  • Transition Pieces
  • Combustion Liners and Caps
  • Other Combustion Parts and related hardware
  • Turbine Blades and Vane segment
  • Hardware’s and consumable parts


  • Turbine components & Capital Parts
  • Supply of wide range of SIEMENS hardware and parts

WESTINGHOUSE: W501D4 & D5 and WH251B2/B8

  • Turbine Blades and Vane Segments
  • Supply wide range of WH hardware and parts

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Transglobal Technical Parts & Services (TTPS) is a complete-service provider for Power and Oil & Gas Industries. The American-based company offers to power producers-independent services and spare parts for customers worldwide.

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