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Your Trusted Partner in Power Generation Needs! your premier source for comprehensive solutions in the supply and servicing of GE and Siemens gas turbine supply of parts and servicing your turbine.

Specializing in the evaluation and refurbishment of gas turbine rotors, particularly those of GE (Frame MS 3002/5001/5002/6001/9001) models, and various other rotating equipment. Our technology partners at TTPS deliver expert shop repairs, guaranteeing the continuous operational availability of your turbine equipment.

Following the initial inspection, the assessment report determines whether the rotor requires “Minor” or “Major” repair. Minor repair works, identified without de-stacking the rotor, include:

  • Blending defects on compressor blades (FOD/Impacts)
  • Seal repair
  • Shaft journal repair
  • Correction of excessive rocking of turbine blades
  • Dynamic balancing of the rotor assembly
  • Final inspection
  • Packaging and long-term conservation
  • Report writing and issuance of repair documentation

These comprehensive minor repair services ensure the optimal performance of your equipment without the need for major interventions.


Our “Major” repair works involve a comprehensive second assessment phase to ensure a thorough evaluation and restoration process. This includes:

  • Tilting the rotor into a vertical position
  • Uncoupling of turbine and compressor rotor
  • Dimensional and run-out inspection of compressor rotor
  • Unbalance verification of turbine rotor on balancing machine HM70
  • Dimensional and run-out inspection of compressor rotor
  • Unbalance verification of compressor rotor on balancing machine HM70
  • De-stacking of compressor rotor
  • De-stacking of turbine rotor
  • Turbine and compressor rotor component inspection
  • Assessment report issued to the client for approval before the execution of major repair work.

This meticulous assessment phase guarantees a detailed understanding of the repair requirements, ensuring optimal results in the major repair process.

TURBINE DISCS FRAME 5/6/7/9 Extended periods of gas turbine outage or standstill can lead to abnormal corrosion on the active and inactive faces of the fir tree root. Upon restarting, rust may dislodge, acting as an abrasive material that heightens wear in critical areas. This can result in excessive clearance between a blade and its slot in the disc, potentially leading to issues such as driving out sealing pins, rupturing locking pins, or compromising the turbine blade or fir tree root.

Our repair procedure for reducing turbine blading clearance presents a compelling alternative to the high-cost replacement of an entire turbine row.

Our expertise encompasses the precise planning and execution of fuel conversions. This includes integrating gas fuel into distillate fuel units and incorporating heavy fuel sources such as crude and residual into distillate fuel units, specifically tailored for GE gas turbine models.

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TTPS specializes in the repair of rotating and stationary equipment, focusing on the refurbishment of GE and Siemens Turbine parts. With workshops strategically located in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, we provide an extensive range of exceptional services to cater to the complex and demanding needs of our industry customers and suppliers.